Cloudflare pages - Cannot forward www to non-www

I have created two cloudflare pages sites using cloudflare as the registrar. Both resolve to the non www. When I try to follow the tutorial to send www to non www using page rules, it doesn’t work.

Within the “If it doesn’t work” section of the above tutorial, it has suggestions to create an “A” record. But, I cannot create an “A” record to forward www to a non-www by using an IP address because I don’t have an IP address. I have tried the domain name and the in the DNS using the CNAME, AAAA and A records with no luck.

Can someone help me figure this out?

You can use any IP address. All traffic will be redirected using a page rule. Usually people use as a dummy value. Just ensure it is :orange: so that the page rule can be reached.

That is how it is currently setup. It gives this error.

Can you shared a screenshot of the Page Rule you created?

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I got it to work. Thanks Michael!

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