Cloudflare Pages cannot build new deployments

My Cloudflare pages is stucked and says in queue.
But I can’t see what job is currently in building.
Before I tried, I saw my last build is stucked at Git Cloning.
Please Help.


I can confirm. My pipeline, which uses Wrangler to push build artifacts, also kept failing for an hour or two now too.
Results in either error code 10000 or 10046.

The same here. Various projects, repositories, and accounts. The builds are hangs at various stages, from “Initializing build environment” to “Deploying to Cloudflare’s global network”. After a timeout of about 20 minutes, the process dies with a message of “Failed: an internal error occurred”.

There are currently ongoing issues with Pages, you can track them here:

I would retry when that has been resolved

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I see, thanks!

Hey everyone,

This should now be resolved! Apologies for the issue :slight_smile:


Despite the recent incident being reported as resolved, I’m still see the same kind of issues, albeit maybe less of them than during the incident.

I’m deploying to Pages via a github action and seeing the following (using Cloudflare/[email protected]):

Compiled Worker successfully
 Uploading... (2458/3129)

POST /pages/assets/upload
 Uploading... (2458/3129)

POST /pages/assets/upload
 Uploading... (2458/3129)

POST /pages/assets/upload
 Uploading... (2458/3129)

result: null
 Uploading... (2458/3129)

 Uploading... (2682/3129)

result: null
 Uploading... (2682/3129)

 Uploading... (2905/3129)

failed: ParseError: Received a malformed response from the API
    at fetchInternal (/home/runner/work/my-repo-path-here/node_modules/wrangler/wrangler-dist/cli.js:130555:11)
    at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
    at async fetchResult (/home/runner/work/my-repo-path-here/node_modules/wrangler/wrangler-dist/cli.js:129671:16)
    at async doUpload (/home/runner/work/my-repo-path-here/node_modules/wrangler/wrangler-dist/cli.js:148825:21)
    at async run (/home/runner/work/my-repo-path-here/node_modules/wrangler/wrangler-dist/cli.js:148462:26) {
  text: 'Received a malformed response from the API',
  notes: [
      text: '<!DOCTYPE html>\n' +
        '<!--[if lt IE 7]> <html class="no-js ie6 oldie" lang="en-US"> <![endif]-->\n' +
        '<!--[if I... (length = 7257)'
    { text: 'POST /pages/assets/upload -> 524 ' }
  location: undefined,
  kind: 'error'
} retrying...
 Uploading... (2905/3129)

POST /pages/assets/upload
 Uploading... (2905/3129)

result: null
 Uploading... (2905/3129)

 Uploading... (3129/3129)

✨ Success! Uploaded 671 files (2458 already uploaded) (109.89 sec)

✨ Uploading _headers
✨ Uploading _redirects
✨ Uploading Functions bundle
✨ Deployment complete! Take a peek over at

The result: null and the ParseError are obvious concerns and, despite the happy Deployment complete notice, I’m not fully confident that all files have made it to completion :-/

Pertinent versions in use (located in the node_modules) are [email protected] and [email protected]

Anyone else still seeing issues?

They did.

The result: null is from a debug log, that shouldn’t be in the output, I’ll sort that out.

The ParseError is from a timeout, it retried after and succeeded.

Ah, cool. :+1:
Is the timeout error linked to the other issue too? I started to see it around that time.

The deployment one above? Probably. If it’s still showing now though then no.

Yes, that’s from a deployment at 11:05AM March 9, 2023

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