Cloudflare Pages Cache - Difference between URLs with the same deployment

I host my static website on Cloudflare Pages, and Cloudflare also handles the DNS and other stuffs, all is in the same platform. I noticed that when I deploy a new version that modifies previously present files, there is a cache somewhere that makes it so that the old version still shows; even when the uploaded new version is accessible over my .dev URL.


- Default dev domain:
- My custom domain:

Both are pointing to the same deployment. But on the dev domain, I see the site as it should be. I can tell (at the moment of writing this) because the post below, has different styles in the video tag, a correction that I made earlier today.

Post: Implementing a Draggable Globe Map With d3 | Carlos Aponte

Maybe when you read this, the cache is gone and you don’t see a difference, but my question is, where is this cache and is there any way for me to purge it?

I have already gone to the website’s dashboard and “purged everything”, but nothing changes.