Cloudflare Pages building the same commit twice

Cloudflare Pages is building the same commit twice.

  • hosted on GitLab
  • happens on preview & production branches
  • latest version of SvelteKit
  • node 17.2.0 (to build)

It is not causing any problems at the moment. But it seems wasteful.

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Is this happening on EVERY commit you push or just sometimes?

I also have this same issue. I am having it happen on every commit.

@M4rt1n Sorry I missed your original reply.

Yes, it is happening on every commit.

Here are ids for two build logs. They are for the same commit.

  • b7eadd88-ba33-4011-a1d0-77030038d652
  • 0869e460-86cd-4e82-b346-982d5e49fc41

I can provide more info if you tell me what you might need.

Thanks, maybe something for @Walshy to check :slight_smile:

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Could you all provide me with some info so we can dig into this

  1. What is your
  2. What git provider are you using (GitHub or GitLab)
  3. Is this new behaviour? If so, when did it start?

(thanks for the tag @M4rt1n )


Hi @Walshy

  • blayze-io
  • GitLab
  • No. Always been an issue. There are 667 deployments. Half of those are duplicates.

Hi @Walshy, is there any resolution available for this problem? Mine is building 5 times for each deployment.

Git: Gitlab
I signed up yesterday for this product, has been happening since I signed up.

I suspect it’s related to deleting and re-doing projects because I didn’t understand the structure at first. I suspect there is some kind of build job trigger cache because I created new projects on the same repository as old projects.


Hey, we’re looking into it and I’ll post here when I have more updates.

In the meantime, please check to make sure you don’t have anything on GitLab like an integration or pipeline which could be causing this.

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Hey @chris29 and @jacob14

Could you please check if there’s multiple project hooks for Pages?

To check go to your project → Settings → Webhooks → Scroll down and look at the “Project Hooks”. Remove any duplicates for

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Thanks! I did verify I have only 1 pipeline running per Cloudflare deployment.

Looks like Webhooks were the problem for me! I had 5, they apparently don’t get deleted automatically.

Thank you for investigating!

  • Jacob

Yep that’s it. We have it being tracked internally now and will get that fixed up.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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Thank you a ton! Cloudflare is amazing, and you were extremely helpful!

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