CloudFlare pages building all branches when commit push to origin

Few weeks ago I had the chance to check Cloudflare Pages for the first time. We moved 2 of our newly created VueJS applications to the CloudFlare pages from our traditional VPS deployement and Cloudflare helps lot to configure the custom domain due to some technical errors.

Seems like it’s a good product that’s gonna home for few of our web front ends and most of the apps can surview without any issues in the free plan because it has everthing needed.

Unfortunatly currently on pages they are building all of the branches when commit got pushed into the origin and this consume the build count quota for the month and I think it need to be changed. It’s great if we can have the option to select which branches need to build in the settings so we can restrict unwanted build from happening. Actually in our senario we only need to build “prod” branch and the “dev” branch for preview.

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