Cloudflare Pages build times out, no additional logs to debug

Hello! I’m having a tough time setting up my first CF Pages project. My builds are consistently timing out (~30min) and there are no logs to help me debug what’s going on.

My project is a statically generated next.js site (using a stackbit/sourcebit template). It builds and serves locally as expected with no warnings/errors in the console (build takes ~8s). I’ve set the node version in CF Pages env vars to match my local node version (14.19.0).

I’ve also tried (to no avail):

  • enabling/disabling the new Fast builds beta
  • removing the handful of images I have, which account for a few megabytes
  • deleting/recreating the Pages project

One of my latest build IDs is: f75812e6-0b55-4a6d-aaf7-ee48866444c6

Any insight would be much appreciated!


Sorry to hear you’re having issues!
Taking a look at our logs it seems your build is failing:

ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘./InstagramSection’ in ‘/opt/buildhome/repo/src/components’

The build should be failing here however the process is being kept rather than exiting. Not sure what is going on there but seems like one of the plugins has a bug in it.


Wow! Case sensitivity on file names, that’s embarrassing on my part. :sweat_smile:

Would be great to get that error output into the UI, but thank you for investigating—that’s exactly what I needed. Site is deployed!

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Completely agreed and we’re working on that! :slight_smile:

Glad it’s now resolved, have a great weekend!

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