Cloudflare pages build so slow

The build times for pages are very slow. Six minutes on average compared to one minute on Netlify. Is there a way to cache or speed up the build times?

Builds are generally pretty quick ~1.5m with no slow build command. You will sometimes experience a “slow build” though, these happen if the “quick build” has not finished (for x, y or z reason). Generally, you should see much more quick builds than slow builds though.

The build times will continue to improve though with the rollout of an improved build system, specific framework builds (not including everything possible in 1 image), caching, etc.
There is no ETA on this though, there are some big things currently in the works which need to be finished before these.

You can keep up to date on the Discord server: Cloudflare Workers


I have over 30 builds in 3 days and all of them have been slow. My site is Jekyll based with less than 250 posts. and 10MB in size. Slow time is in the Initializing build environment and the Building application. All builds are over six minutes.

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