Cloudflare Pages and Plans

I don’t see a place for me to select plans for Cloudflare pages. If I assigned a domain to my Cloudflare pages site and the domain is already on a Pro $20/month plan, does it automatically give the pages site the pro plan? Or they are two separate plan?

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Hi there,

You should be able to create pages for your Pro domain by visiting:

I believe you will automatically get the benefit of your Pro subscription here - but do reply if you are seeing something different.

I have one domain that’s on Pro plan and one domain on free plan. This URL just took me to the dashboard. And when I create a new Pages, it didn’t ask me which domain I want it to associate with. I do find if I am visiting an existing Pages site using Pro domain, the IP routing is different from the URL. So I assumed I will get Pro plan benefit when visiting it using Pro Plan domain names. I have no way to tell if I am getting the benefits of extra deploys per month.

Are you adding subdomains or adding more sites?

I attached the Pages to an existing domain’s subdomain

Then it should have the Pro-Plan levels of protection. You’re good to go.

Every Top Level domains need their own plan, any subdomains added will benefit from the type of plan the top level domain is on.

Ok. So If I attach it with multiple domains, each domain should have it’s own pro plan subscription and subscriptions are based on domain names.

You can add subdomains to the Top Level Domain on the pro plan and they’ll receive the pro-level features.

For any other Top Level Domains they’ll need their own plan (aka subscription)


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