Cloudflare Pages "Accept-Range: bytes" header

Is it possible to add the “Accept-Range: bytes” header to a page hosted using Cloudflare Pages? I would like to enable skipping through the HTML5 Audio tags using JS which is only enabled in Chrome when the server allows for ranged requests.


yeah ranged requests are super cool really want it on cf pages.
However I think cf pages is not designed this way. It is more for small pages and not for large content. So they may not want to support ranged requests.

Yeat, I see what you mean. But “large content” can also mean a 5 second 100kb MP3 you would like to play on a button click… :sweat_smile:

Actually I have a workaround for that: use a service worker to deal with ranged requests.
It is like, the service worker would cache the whole sound file locally, and look at Range headers and respond what the browser want.