Cloudflare Pages 522 Error

Hi Community,

I’m banging my head against the wall trying to get a custom domain going with Cloudflare Pages. The product itself is excellent with the Auto build hooked up to Github. As a new user I can only embed one image.

This is the Cloudflare Pages site -

This is the custom domain I’m trying to configure it with -

Here’s the Custom Domain Setup on Pages

A Whois lookup confirms the name servers are correct

Appreciate everyone’s help here.

Here’s the Whois lookup confirming the nameservers are correct.

Here are the DNS settings:

Hey, do you have an example of the 522 error? I can visit your page just fine

Hey here it is

You didn’t add www to the Custom Domains section so only your apex will work right now. Add your www too.


Wow, that fixed it!

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