Cloudflare Pages 20K File Limit

If there a way around the 20k on Cloudflare Pages?

Here is nothing stated like a workaround, but down lower I saw:


Cloudflare Pages supports deploying unlimited sites to your account. In order to protect against abuse of the service, we may temporarily disable your ability to create new Pages projects, if you’re deploying a large number of applications in a short amount of time. Please email [email protected] if you need this restriction removed.

So there are unlimited sites allowed and as unlimited is bigger than 20,000 it would contain more files than 20,000 if you have 20,001 pages.

I would anyway be curious why you need more than 20,000 files, as most people try to abuse such “free” services for other things. That’s what these limits are for. But if you have a good reason (a very very very very large blog) I would recommend you contacting the support.

Unless you have a good valid reason I see no reason for this, nor a high chance of these limits being lifted.

We don’t use it for deploying our websites. We mainly use them to view out front end application during development. The files on these applications are 50k+