Cloudflare page rules with hostgator shared hosting

Hi everyone,

I have a shared hosting at and cloudfalre activated via the cPanel on my domain.
My question is how can i start use the page rules?, since i tried it and it does not working.
Do i need to make / change more settings at hostgator dns in order that Cloudflare will work? if so what are the changes / settings which i need to do?

Once your site is running through Cloudflare, your Page Rules will work.

What’s the domain, and what’s the Page Rule you added? (a screenshot of the Page Rule would be helpful)

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the domain name is and the page rule is as in the attached screenshot

and as i mentioned is hosted at does not resolve to a Cloudflare IP so does not go through Cloudflare’s servers, so Cloudflare cannot touch the traffic.

I would guess that under the “DNS” tab, “” and “www” records both have a grey cloud icon next to them, which means traffic does not go through Cloudflare. If so, clicking on the cloud icon to make it orange, should fix this.

Hi Shimi,

I don’t see them under the DNS tab at all.

I see. Well, it seems that with HostGator integration, you need to make the changes on HostGator’s control panel and not in Cloudflare. But the idea is still the same - if it does not go to a Cloudflare IP, Cloudflare cannot process it…

yes, i already understand that point.
the questions is how / what do i set in hostgator cPanel?

Well do you have a grey cloud icon there? :slight_smile: or any other UI element that says “send traffic to this subdomain through Cloudflare”?


and the manage button not working.

So you do have the orange cloud. That seems OK.

But the question is… didn’t Hostgator tell you that you need to change your nameservers to ? You may also see them in the DNS tab, right below the part you’ve already posted a screenshot for, under “Cloudflare Nameservers” (sorry I don’t know how it looks with Hostgator’s integration)

Something is wrong. Your site isn’t being proxied by Cloudflare:
Server: nginx/1.14.1 (it should say “Cloudflare”)
And there are no Cloudflare headers in the response.

At this point, you’ll need to contact Hostgator Support to fix this.

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