Cloudflare page rules for Printful?

Hey there,

I’m running WP-WooCommerce site connecting to Printful.
Since connected to Cloudflare, at the Printful site the products pictures are disappeared. The Printful support says:

Configuration of the server should be changed to allow outgoing requests to 3rd party application (PRINTFUL).

So it seems that I need to add page rules at Clouflare, but I just can’t figure out how :slight_smile:
Would appreciate your help!
Thank you.

Is the domain/website added to Cloudflare already?
What’s the domain name?
Could be a problem with SSL?

Have you installed the official Printful plugin?
If so, do you get any errors?

Or just the images not showing up?
What error do you have for the image request? 404 or some else?

Could be a mixed content problem on the WordPress side.

In any case, maybe it would be helpful:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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