Cloudflare Page Rules Constantly Failing

If I wish to write a single rule to match two URLs for the purposes of redirecting, such as: (homepage only) and then also

This does not seem to be possible with a single Cloudflare page rule.

Logically I would imagine that it would appear like this:|(index.php)

Anyone who can explain why this doesn’t work apart from the reason being that Cloudflare wants you to use an additional page rule for this so that you have to pay, that would be really helpful.

If that’s a Pipe in your rule, then it won’t work, nor any other logic or regex.

But from your example, the wildcard would match index.php. You just don’t need the parentheses or pipe.

Ah great, so I was right. They do this intentionally so you have to pay for extra page rules

To be clear, this is the intention behind the rule.

Of course, page rules are Cloudflare’s main revenue generator :wink:

Haha not surprised, but it’s funny & so arbitrary because cost-wise this is probably the least expensive service for them to offer out of everything (so it makes little sense to charge for) :joy:

Those enterprise customers must be using a boat load of page rules then!

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They only get 120 of them. And still no regex…except for some mysterious reason, you can use OR (|) in a cookie list.

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