Cloudflare Page Rule for Caches not respected

I recently switched to using Cloudflare Pages for hosting my static website content. I’ve run into the infamous mp4 not loading issue that quite a few community members have run into. A solution posted was to temporarily disable caching for mp4 files. I’ve attempted to do the same using a Page Rules but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be taking effect.

Fwiw loading the exact same page from Cloudflare’s internal domain host doesnt’ have this issue which led me down exploring the caching route.

Here’s more relevant info or context:

  • If you visit the specific webpage from my site notice that the video doesn’t load.
  • loading from Cloudflare’s domain doesn’t have this problem.
  • added a Page rule for*mp4 with Cache Level: Bypass
  • Cleared browser cache + purged CF cache for the specific video in my page.

After a first MISS, CF continues to keep caching my mp4 (Firefox tells me cf-cache-status: HIT).

I guess this is a 2 part problem:

  1. Cloudflare doesn’t respect my caching page rule
  2. usual mp4 not showing up through my own CF Pages domain, but shows up for CF domain.

I’d request support for problem 1. Once that’s resolved I can do some more homework on 2 but it’s hard now cause the page rule itself is not being respected.

Thanks in advance :pray: