Cloudflare page dont index images on google

I have a Cloudflare page
Link >

I have images in my page.
They are not indexed by google

try image search on google with “”

You are right, Cloudflare will not index anything by itself. It is you who must instruct it to do so, and also then it is Google who must index them.

Completely unrelated to Cloudflare. Please inform yourself how to follow basic webstandards and make it easy for Google to index your site.

So if your site without using Cloudflare Pages, would also not beeing indexed properly, the fault is not on Cloudflare.

Your site is fine, but like @M4rt1n said, Cloudflare doesn’t really have any part in crawling (or if Google crawls your site).

Sign yourself up for Google Search Console & you can see if there’s any crawling errors.

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Technically, yes, but reports, that there are two main components missing.

  1. robots.txt should always be under as it’s normed.
    There he should have explicitly defined that (at a static page) everything is indexable.
  2. since the standardized robots.txt is missing, it also does not contain any inside linked sitemap.xml. Google punishes you for this. Since it is just a single page, that’s not as important since the only page he does have indeed is indexed, but he loses control over it, at Google & also his page/changes will not be as quick updated at Google since way more crawler budget must be used if Google has to find things on their own.

These two best practices should actually be meet - on every existing page. What a pity Cloudflare is not steppin up with some proper checks/benchmarks/SEO ratings :slight_smile:

But, all this is not Cloudflare NOR Cloudflare Pages related.

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