Cloudflare page deployments are stuck into queued foreverer

Cloudflare page deployments are stuck into queued foreverer.
I tried to delete the service and add again, but this is still stuck.

Hey, have you got a deployment ID of one of the stuck ones?

The Pages deployment ID is a unique build identifier. It’s the UUID in the browser bar (for example, a URL would be where the deployment ID looks something like a398d794-7322-4c97-96d9-40b5140a8d9b). This ID can help troubleshoot some issues with Pages builds so if you have a failing build make sure you grab that ID for the Pages team to use.

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Looks like it was a next on pages incompatibility with tsconfig output dir location.

I would add a check, abort the deployment and display the cause to the end user - @Walshy