Cloudflare overview says site is connected, but DNS checks fail and cannot visit site

I set up Cloudflare about 24 hours ago. I followed the step by step guide. I had an existing working website at and went through the process of changing the DNS at Namecheap to the Cloudflare DNS servers. On Cloudflare it automatically imported my DNS records. The overview says that my site is active, however I when I do DNS checks it doesn’t return any IP addresses. I am not able to visit the site. I know they say DNS can take up to 48 hours but why does the overview say everything is working but it’s not?

Is there something from my imported DNS records that is incorrect and causing it to not work? I.E Cloudflare see’s that namecheap is pointing to their nameservers, but maybe my actual DNS records are broken on Cloudflare rendering the site unreachable?


HTTP only warning

And the site is unreachable with ERR_DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN (Error DNS probe finished domain does not exist)!


How to Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN [8 Solutions] - Kinsta®

Please post a screenshot of your DNS records with the IP addresses blacked out.

Also confirm that the name servers at the bottom of that page are Maleah and Otto.

That’s a bit of a mystery. Maleah isn’t returning any of the records I checked. And that might even explain why the TXT validation is pending as well.

Please open a ticket via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here so we can re-open and escalate it.

Ticket # 2360951

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I’ve escalated the ticket # for the next Support person on the Community shift.

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Thanks for sharing. I can see that the SSL is pending TXT validation. Please add the TXT record mentioned in the SSL tab for your certificate and the certificate can be validated once the TXT record is verified.

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When I try to add the TXT record to DNS, it gives me an error saying it already exists (but I don’t see it):

Record already exists. (Code: 81057)

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Thanks. This is really odd behavior. Can you please unproxy the A record and proxy again. Just ruling out the last possibility before escalate it further.


That did the trick! Flipping proxy on the A record allowed the validation TXT to be added. I also fixed the NXDOMAIN on my side and looks like the site is up now.

Thanks everyone


I am glad it resolved. Thanks for the update.

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