Cloudflare outright blocking VPN users on certain sites?

Hello, I connect to the Internet through Mullvad VPN ( and noticed that I’m sometimes getting captchas on certain sites (which is annoying, but whatever).

More recently I noticed that a site is denying me access completely:

I’ve tried tens of Mullvad VPN servers in different countries, but they’re all blocked. What’s going on here and how can I request this to be fixed? (No, I don’t want to turn off my VPN.)

Thank you.

This tells me that those sites have increased their security settings.

This site has stepped it up a notch and completely blocked your VPN traffic. I do the same in some cases due to excessive malicious behavior.

You’d have to contact the site owner about their settings. Cloudflare and the community have no influence over a site owner’s chosen security settings.

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Alright, I’ll email the address in their whois info then.

[email protected]

Knock knock. Someone at home?

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