Cloudflare + Outlook do not send email

Hello, I recently integrated Cloudflare and everything is fine at first, the problem is with the emails that do not arrive or leave, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I'm logging in with the url of
As it shows me but I can't start the session it tells me that it can't connect, I wanted to see if with the MX that appears in the link that I show you I can access it but I get a strange link, someone could please help me, I would be very grateful

I try with DNS Checker but not working

Set the CNAME for mail to “DNS only” instead of proxied. Also applies to ftp if you are using it.

You can also delete ns1 and ns2 as they are of no use.

then it would be like this??
Oh thank you very much for your prompt response my savior!!! What can I do to thank you?
Question, once I have done this, how long should I wait to verify that the change is resolved?

Usually just a few minutes. Changes are showing here…

If it still doesn’t work, check Outlook is connecting to and not (which stays proxied as it is also your web address).

It’s working, thank you very much!!!