Cloudflare outage from India

i have been working on my site (new development) and it seems there is some error with Cloudflare. Th operation is timing out. I am certain because i am using my site myself and site is not accessible or pingable. Getting Error TIme Out.

half an hour back it was like going on and off and now totally inaccessible.

Is there any issue going on.

now it is again working, site is accessible and i can ping ip:
Can somebody look into it.

Something like


no, no Cloudflare error page but standard Err time out page on chrome. thats y i mentioned that cloudlfare is not accessible, otherwise if there is some problem with host, we get the Cloudflare error page.

Possibly a temporary connectivity issue on your provider’s side.

might be, so far looking good tried a few times. But i tried from my mobile as well which was a different ISP and it was same error. Anyways, will update if i have more info.

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