CloudFlare OTP Service Stopped Working

Posting this just right after I was able to finally receive OTPs from cloudflare. Just wanted to share what I did to resolve it (well it could always be Cloudflare was able to address it, but heck who knows)

To keep it short:

  1. Suddenly my users were not able to receive OTPs to login to the applications as well as the App Launcher
  2. Checked cloudflare radar, didnt see any outages (as of this posting)
  3. Even tried setting to to Everyone, still not working

Manage to fix it by going to Zero Trust → Setting → Authentication → Deleting OTP and re-adding it

PS: Im still having issues atm, the App Launcher does not display all my apps, despite the Apps having “Show in App Launcher” enabled

Not sure if anyone is encountering this issue now. But just sharing

Okay, I was able to address the apps not showing in the App launcher by simply editing them, and literally just clicking Save Application right after im taken to the edit page