Cloudflare OTP for multiple test devices


Due to the Covid19 pandemic, all staff in our office are working from home.
We are using Cloudflare’s One time pin so our team can continue accessing our non-production servers despite being outside our office and everything works nicely.

However, here is the issue for our QAs:

  1. QA needs to do manual testing on multiple devices (browser, tablets, ipads & smartphones), especially when UI/UX changes are involved.
  2. QA connects to our test-server using OTP for 3 devices successfully.
  3. However, when connecting on the 4th device, the OTP is no longer being sent to the email of our QA, preventing them to test on other devices.

I’m guessing it may be because there is intentionally a limit to enforce that the OTP is only used by 1 person (which we are doing), but since a single QA uses their OTP for multiple devices, Cloudflare thinks this may be a fraud of misusing our OTP for multiple users (which we don’t) :smiley:

Is there a solution for this where 1 QA can access our non-prod servers through OTP using multiple devices?

Thank you,