Cloudflare Origin Wildcard certificate issues an error on a subdomain

I have the problem that my Cloudflare Origin certificate does not work with my subdomain.

My Origin certificate looks like this in Cloudflare:

Using SSL Checker I get the following result

So far everything seems to be OK here.
But as soon as I want to open the subdomain in the browser, I get the following message:

I have also reset hsts for the subdomain in the browser using net-internal, unfortunately without success.
The certificate works fine on the main domain.
In the Cloudflare DNS I also have a wildcard entry which points to the IP of my server.

I am grateful for any help!

Best regards

Your “staging” DNS entry should be set to :orange: Proxied. To me, it’s showing the origin IP address.

Thanks for your quick reply!
I guess that is then related to the fact that I do not have a specific DNS record for “staging” but a " * " record, which can not be proxied in the Free Plan.

I have now changed it as you described. a separate record for staging and this is proxied. Now everything works!

Thanks for the help!


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