"Cloudflare Origin SSL Certificate Authority" certificate is not trusted

I just installed Cloudflare Origin certificate on my server but when I access cdn.flexhosting.ga, its says that the certificate is not trusted even thought I installed Cloudflare CA in the server.

Hi @Davruna

You need to enable the orange cloud in front of your cdn. record in the DNS Section of your domain (in Cloudflare console)

The Cloudflare origin certificate is here to protect the TLS connection between Cloudflare and your endpoint, but cannot be used as a real certificate (this is the part Cloudflare will take care about once you enabled the orange cloud for your cdn. record)

Once enable you’ll surely to have to wait a bit and when DNS refresh time is passed, your domain should be accessible securely.

You can keep the origin certificate installed on your server side, as it’s the best way to proceed for this setup.


Ok, thank you. I’ll try what you said

It works now. I added a custom csr. and when i click on it, i only see Cloud flare information and not mine

I tried your cdn. subdomain and it works for me too now.

Yeah, it works now, but when I created the certificate in the dashboard I added my own csr I check the padlock sign, I was expecting to see my own information but I see Cloudflare information.

Cloudflare certificates on the Free and Pro plans are certificates that are DV (Domain validated) and will not show your informations in the certificate.

And from base the free SNI certificate will never show your domain. If you want a custom certificate (with only your domain on it, and not sniXXXX. as main CN) then you can purchase the Certificate Management addon (10 USD/month).

Please note that you need the Business or Enterprise plan to upload your own certificates to the Cloudflare servers.

Ah, thank you for that

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