Cloudflare origin certs with flexible option?

Hi Cloudflare Community!

I have an issue with my SSL set up that I wonder if I can get some advice on.

On my top domain I’m using webflow which only accepts flexible or none SSL configuration on cloudflare. However, on subdomains I run some apps from GCP, using nginx.

So far (before switching top domain to webflow) I had been keeping the Cloudflare Full (Strict) SSL option on and downloading certs from Cloudflare to secure my connection end to end (or so I assume: my connection was secured by Cloudflare’s cert from my host to cloudflare and from cloudflare to the user). Now that I need the flexible SSL option on, can I still use Cloudflare’s certs on the subdomain? How would that work? At the moment my subdomains seem to have a redirect loop.

The Webflow instructions state to use :grey: on the hostnames pointing at them.

With a hostname set to :grey:, none of your other Cloudflare settings do anything.

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