Cloudflare Origin Certificate will not work with AWS Certificate Manager?


I am using the cloudflare “Origin Certificate Installation”, which gives me the Origin Certificate, and the “Private key”, I then get the “Cloudflare Origin CA” from here:

I paste the 3 PEM texts into AWS Certificate Manager, and each time, no matter what I try (RSA or ECC), it fails on the Cloudflare Origin CA part.

It is reading the certificate - as It is seeing the correct domain names, and the expiry date is correct, but it does not like the Cloudflare Origin CA:

Thanks for the help.

Hi all,

Any advice? Maybe I have posted this into the wrong area?

Or maybe none of the regulars here have ever tried that. Have you hammered away at the Search function? Google?

I guess you can just use the cert AWS Certificate Manager provides, since it’s also free and it’s valid.

Anyway, I didn’t try adding Cloudflare Origin Certificate to AWS Certificate Manager, so I’m not sure what could be the problem.

I tried the certificate created by AWS Certificate Manager - that is where you add a cname record to your sites DNS?

It just didnt feel the same as installing a certificate onto the server, just a link through DNS?

Also - it was only valid for 1 year, compared to the 15 years of a cloudflare origin certificate, and i was not sure how to renew the AWS Certificate (or if it auto-renews).

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