Cloudflare Origin Certificate is not trusted

checked that the orange cloud light is on installed correctly on server… not sure what to do?

What error are you seeing?

The hostname above looks fine from here. The Sucuri product on your Origin is complaining about something.

Cloudflare Origin Certificates are only trusted by Cloudflare, and should only ever be used for an :orange: host. Sometimes you need to add the Cloudflare Origin Root Cert to your Origin webserver. This can be downloaded from here:


It’s loading fine and you probably still just have the unproxied address with your resolver. Try to flush your local resolver and make sure it resolves to Cloudflare’s proxies.

If you are on Full Strict on Cloudflare you should be good to go.

You probably also don’t want to use Cloudflare and your current security solution at the same time.

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yes im on full strict…

That means you are connecting directly to your server and that’s where this part comes in.

What does this command return?


Simply make sure you have the current IP address with your resolver.

and i have added the origin certificate to the server

You should be good to go. You might just need to change the IP address on Cloudflare. Do you actually intend to use both firewalls?

thanks for such quick replies…

no. i turned off all of godaddy web security earlier today. i dont know if it just needs more time?

the A record for isnt whats being pinged

the other records are correct

You need to post the output of the command.

Ping results removed

Yep, wrong IP address.

ok haha what records do i need to change?

i dont even know why or where that firewall is? i deleted the security app on godaddy…

That was not the main point of that response.

flushed resolver and still pointing to the same address

Then possibly a good idea to switch to another public resolver. or for example

The site itself resolves fine - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool