'CloudFlare Origin Certificate' is not standards compliant

My Cloudflare Universal SSL Edge certificate has lost validity.

In macOS / Safari it displays: "CloudFlare Origin Certificate" is not standards compliant

The domain is https://staging.bio2business.com/

Cloudflare proxying is enabled for this subdomain.

Is this an error at Cloudflare? Can I trigger a new Edge certificate to be issued?

It’s not. Perhaps you have Cloudflare paused?

This is the origin cert, not an edge cert.

That’s odd as it shows it as proxied in DNS Records and Cloudflare is not disabled.

This is the origin cert, not an edge cert.

Ah. I will create a new origin certificate and try that. But why would an end user see the origin certificate?

Furthermore, when I ping the domain I am getting the IP of the origin server. This explains why the certificate is invalid. But why would I not be seeing it proxied? The nameservers are pointing at Cloudflare and the site is enabled.

Because it’s not currently proxied. I checked. Likely because Cloudflare is currently paused.

Actually it’s because Cloudflare isn’t active. The nameservers have not been changed to Cloudflare.

bio2business.com.	172800	IN	NS	ns1.stackdns.com.
bio2business.com.	172800	IN	NS	ns2.stackdns.com.
bio2business.com.	172800	IN	NS	ns3.stackdns.com.
bio2business.com.	172800	IN	NS	ns4.stackdns.com.

Ahhhh… someone else has messed with it then.

This was all set up until today. Thank you.

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