Cloudflare Origin certificate is classified as untrusted


I added a new domain in Cloudflare (, then I created an Origin certificate according to the instructions and installed it on the server using Plesk.

In Plesk, my domain is shown to me as protected, no problems occurred during installation either.
However, when I visit the site, I get the problem that the certificate is classified as untrusted.

Attached are the images of my DNS and a test run using SSL Labs.
By the way, SSL Labs describes that the certificate chain is not complete, what could be the reason for that?


Cloudflare Diagnostics:

Thanks in advance!

That is correct. The origin certificate is only for hostnames that are :orange: Proxied.

At this point, your hostnames aren’t proxied.

My first thought is you’re stuck in the same DNS issue others are having where records aren’t updating.

Can you confirm that 1) You’re on a Free plan, and 2) the Cloudflare Name Servers at the bottom of your DNS page are Amy and Kaiser?

Thanks for the quick reply, I can confirm that I am using the Free plan and the two Cloudflare servers are Amy and Kaiser

Ok, then it’s the same issue that’s facing several other users and there’s already a high-priority ticket open on this. You’ll just have to sit tight for a bit.


Great!, thanks for the quick clarification!


I just wanted to check back in here to let you know that now everything is working smoothly again! Thanks for the help!


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