Cloudflare Origin Certificate Invalid - Please Help

Hi Ive installed many SSL on my godaddy cpanel shared hosting, but this is the first time Im using Cloudflare SSL for an Ecommerce website.

My website is

  1. I am using cloudflare to manage DNS records

  2. the orange cloud is on and it is proxied

  3. I bought a dedicated SSL

  4. I have Full Strict setting

  5. I have the edge Dedicated certificate

  6. I already installed on my origin server and it reads it correctly

I feel like I did everything right and on my chrome still shows this

Im paying the $5 a month plan, at this point thinking about canceling as I dont know why its so hard to get cloudflare dedicated certificate to work. Can anyone help?

Shows what? It seems there is a screenshot missing.

But I assume you are referring to an “invalid certificate”. Origin certificates cannot be used in a browser context (well, technically they can but browsers will show a warning) but only in the context of a proxied Cloudflare connection. You will need that certificate on your server to secure the second leg of all requests. Alternatively you can use any other publicly recognised certificate as well (e.g. Lets Encrypt).

The reason why you get the error message is because you dont seem to hit the proxies but rather your server directly. That would mean your DNS records are either not proxied (:grey: instead of :orange:) or they are and you simply have a DNS propagation issue. In the former case proxy them, in the latter case simply wait until your resolver updated.

As for the $5 certificate, personally I believe the free universal certificate should be just fine.

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