Cloudflare Origin CA - docs are incorrect

When copy/pasting the root certs from the docs, it does not have the correct carriage returns.

Link to the docs:

I’ve attached an image showing the carriage returns after a paste:

Whoops, I shared the wrong image… There’s actually only one line after a paste. But you get the idea.

Is this a problem? I set this up not too long ago and didn’t encounter any issues copy and pasting into a terminal.

At least from memory, the spec white space is discarded when certificates are processed.

Interesting. Maybe it’s not an issue then. I wouldn’t say I know enough to say for sure.

But I help maintain HestiaCP (a free web hosting platform) and it doesn’t like something about the paste and throws an error saying the cert is invalid. (which could be a problem we need to adjust for on our end).

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