Cloudflare on wordpress multisite with subdirectories

Hi there,
I have a cloudflare account which is linked to my site, lets say
I have a multisite installation with subdirectories ( etc.).
I just upgraded my plan to the pro plan but the site is still slow and scores a very low grade in google speed test (sometimes even less then 20 in mobile) eventhough I use cloudflare and wp rocket.
I’m assuming my cloudflare installation maybe wrong…

what should I do?

Cloudflare doesn’t speed up HTML, as that’s dynamic content that still has to come from your server. It only speeds up files it can cache, such as images, css, and js. If you post the domain, we can take a closer look.

Is there any other solution to speeding my site?
I’m using wp rocket with imagify and cdn.

? :pensive:

My Hebrew is pretty rusty/completely non-existent, but your site looks like it’s pretty static without any user logins of any type. I don’t know about the multisite subdirectories. As I’ve only run multisite as subdomains, I don’t know where the other wp-login URLs would be. Hopefully up with the main domain.

If the multisites are similar to the main site with no user-login dynamic content, you can be careful with Page Rules:

With these page rules, you would have to purge the cache any time you make changes. The official Cloudflare plugin is supposed to do this, but I don’t know how well it would work in a Multisite installation.

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