Cloudflare on SubDirectory WordPress With WP Rocket Enabled

Our client’s domain is, We installed another WordPress on, will cloudflare run there? We use WP Rocket on both and the cloudflare addon is active along with the cloudflare Cloudflare credentials (Same Global API key as the main domain). Will that work? How to know if it’s working? And any recommendations?

I remember there were some topics around where people have had installed WordPress on either a sub-directory or a sub-domain, and then added WP Rocket on it.

Using :search: - Search results for 'wp rocket' - Cloudflare Community

Thereafter, also enabled a Cloudflare service over it - and then the issues started to appear.

Kindly, may I suggest you firstly looking into below articles:

Just to make clear before starting, there are differences between Global API vs API token.

Cloudflare should cover both, if it’s all under the same domain.
Even if on a sub-domain.
Of course, the hostname (DNS record) should be :orange: cloud therefore.

WordPress should work inside a sub-directory of an existing Website (or WordPress installation), as far as I have seen the strange behaviours of the webmasters having them running in a mixed environment, but I really do not recommend doing that due to the SEO and some issues which could escalate.

As I am not using this plugin, I really cannot guarantee WP Rocket would work for both of them due to domain/URL structure as you are having and currently wanting to achieve.

Maybe you would have to dig some more information for that environment.

Maybe considering multisite WordPress if needed?:

Make sure to follow installation guidelines, especially having it already installed at the upper directory (home, public_html, www) while also having other on in the “sub-directory” of the existing installation.

  • make sure to have the right .htaccess (Apache) file rules applied to each of the installations directories and pointed to the right one …

Some usefull informations could be found on below links:

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