Cloudflare on socks5 and mtproto proxy protocols

Hello to every one!
im new with cloudflare and the reason im here is finding a way to totally hide my ip behind a domain address like cloudflare (as i heard), this domain should be able to be used as a server address for Socks5 and mproto proxies (a new proxy protocol developed by telegram)
please , help me out, how can i do that?

Unless you’d be on an Enterprise plan this is not going to work I am afraid as Cloudflare typically only proxies HTTP requests.

Thanks, how much it costs to get Enterprise plan? how can i get it?

Here’s the info:

Enterprise plan is pretty pricey (generally $5k/month, may be more depending on what type of traffic you want to send through Spectrum) and (usually?) requires a contract between your company and Cloudflare. Cloudflare might not be the best solution if your use case is just socks5/mproto, for that you could just rent a high bandwidth VPS and set up your own proxy there.

that’s really pricey!!! too much !! i have a dedicated server with high bandwidth, no vps needed, the problem is russia and iran goverments are blocking all of our IP’s every day and our services stops working there, these days they’re blocking Proxy IP’s even faster! (we have to use almost 30 IP’s for eas proxy per day) so we need to hide the IP to avoid that

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