Cloudflare on one site stopped working

I have two websites using Cloudflare. One of them has problem since Dec 12th. It gives me the screen with the Ray ID (see pic).

I contacted the host, who said it is not their problem. It proved to be CF’s problem (since every time I pause CF, the problem is gone).

I am testing it every 2 days (including today) and the problem remains. So I keep CF disabled.


I tested the error form 3 different locations with 4-5 pcs and the problem was consistent. If I have to clear the cache in so many pcs, then all the visitors will have to clear it? There must be a better solution.

Any ideas what to do?

Your host is most likely blocking Cloudflare’s servers.

Contact your host and make sure they have all the IP addresses at IP Ranges whitelisted, respectively not blocked.


Thank you, I have just messaged the host to look into it.

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My host (MDDHosting) said is a Cloudflare Optimized Partner, so he is setup properly for Cloudflare.

In that case he should be able to assist in finding out why Cloudflare cannot connect in these instances.

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