Cloudflare on multiple frameworks

Hi Team
We have set up a website on Laravel framework and using free cloudflare plan.

Our site example .com has Laravel, cache control headers like must revalidate etc.

Now we want to install Wordpress on example .com/blog

Wordpress will have different caching plugin and separate browser cache rules.

Will Cloudflare work seamless or do I need a separate setting for example .com and example. com/blog (wp)


What do you mean? Cloudflare works for millions of websites running all kinds of CMS platforms, but problems do occur occasionally due to config conflicts (server, CMS, origin firewall etc.). If in doubt, implement it in a staging environment, and if issues arise, post specifics so that members of this Community have something to help you on.

You can cache everything, or just half your site or nothing at all. It’s up to you to define and setup your caching policy, and Cloudflare is ultra-flexible as far as what and how to cache your assets.

If you post specific situations, such as what exactly do you want to cache (or not cache) under /blog and what is the Cache-Control header returned by it, then you’d have a greater chance of finding users here with experience with that specific issue.

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