Cloudflare on China


Our site is experiencing slow performance on China.

How can we improve the performance of our site on China using Cloudflare?

Thank you!

There’s a separate service for mainland China:

Hi sdayman,

Thank you for your reply, we really appreciate it but our service is both, in China and outside China in one domain.

I read the reference link you shared but only applicable for one domain because we can’t use Cloudflare and Yunjiasu in one domain. So what we should do?

Thank you!

Cloudflare does not offer a service that caters to China, hence the partnership with Baidu. Those are the only options here.

Hi Sdayman,

Can we use Yunjiasu if our server is HK?

Thank you!

I don’t think it matters where the server is, but you should contact Sales for more specific answers.

Okay Sdayman I will ask the Sales. Thank you!

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