Cloudflare on Bluehost and Optimization Plugins

Hi… I am from India and my website & product are only for India. I just chaned by Nameservers to and as shown in Cloudflare dashboard. Is is correct for India ?

I feel that my site Grade fall from D to F on GTMetrix.

I have disabled all cache & optimization plugins. There is one plug-in named ENDURANCE CACHE which is Bluehost server level cache. I have disabled it too. BH customer care said it won’t affect anything by enabling/disabling it when I use Cloudflare Free plan.
Is it correct ?
Also BH hosting plan offers integrated Cloudflare. Is it better than manual free plan of Cloudflare or not ?

In short, ps tell me best combination from this elements I have : Bluehost inbuilt Cloudflare, Cloudflare free plan, Endurance Cache Plugin, Wp-optimization plugin.

Sorry but we can’t help you if these things are based on your feelings. Provide benchmarks which are clearly showing the results from before and after switching to Cloudflare.

Oh Ya. Thanks for notifying.

Actually I mentioned that it went from D to F on GTMetrix. I could literally felt that site took 6-8 seconds instead of 3-4 Seconds to load. I will share screenshot soon. I keep 24 Hours Gap between each settings to give sufficient propogation & cache building time.
Currently only Cloudflare Free plan is active.
Then I will test other permutations and combinations of Wp-optimization , Endurance Cache Plugin and using Bluehost integrated Cloudflare service. Will take screenshot of GTMetrix for each settings and post.

Please share links, not screenshots. But thanks for clearing out, that you have some data/facts to provide and this is not based on feelings.

It also would be good to know the domain, you are talking about.

My site is
Currently no Cache or optimization plugin active.
BLUEHOST’s Endurance CACHE Plugin is also disabled. Bluehost integrated Cloudflare plan is disabled.
Nameservers pointing to two NS of Cloudflare free plans. These changes were done 12 hours ago. One may check GTMetrix ranking now.
It is good to see it is giving E grade now. Hope tonsee atleast C after 12 Hours.

Like I said: please provide links to the benchmark, not screenshots.
Also provide both: a benchmark before and one after switching to Cloudflare.

Ok Got it. I am new to this community and new to any CDN too. Thx for bearing with me.

Here is link. This is With Cloudflare Free plan. I will change NS to Bluehost server only with Bluehost server cache plugin enabled and no Cloudflare after 15 Hours. Then After 24 Hours of this change, I will test again on GTMetrix.

Please dont do this. Just put Cloudflare into it’s developer mode or if you like unproxy :grey: your DNS records - I would recommend the first option. Then test again, as setting it into developer mode will bypass every feature Cloudflare offers and just proxy the traffic as it is.

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Ok. Thanks for that suggestion brother. I enabled Developer mode and grade fall to F.

So Cloudflare was atleast giving me E grade and I Hope to get better after 24 hours. Surprisingly the WP OPTIMIZATION plugin was giving me C grade. I will try it after 2 days.

Things are not getting better over time, but it actually depends on how many requests has been made to the ressources, as Cloudflare only serves them from cache for the second request.

Cloudflare indeed is compatible with some Wordpress Plugins, but if you want to get the best out of Cloudflare please use APO which is super optimized and probably the best product in terms of speed/performance you can get from Cloudflare ATM.

But please use v4.7.0 and not v4.8.0 for now. Thanks.

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