Cloudflare Old Nameservers - Help

Hi there folks, ladies and gentlemen.

I’m a new cloudflare user… I have a bit of an issue about my website…

You see, here’s the thing…

I’m the new web guy on the company and I’m still in the process of figuring out their websites and all those login/cpanels and etc. and I have no idea what happened to their website/domain before.
They have a web designer that is no longer with the company but had left without proper documentation about the website/domain.

So, you see I kinda trying to connect all the dots here and try figuring it out.

I was able to login to the cloudflare but it appears that there was no paid plan but the company’s domain is pointing already to the cloudflare Name servers (DNS).

Now my question is,

How can I check what where the (their domain) previous names servers are before they have activated to the Cloudflare DNS?

Normally after changing the DNS name servers to the cloudflare, you will receive an email about the previous name servers and the new changed Cloudflare nameservers

but the thing is, it was changed long time ago, like 2017 and there where no emails or any documentations…

I cannot contact their registrar because they have no idea what where the NS are because it’s now showing the Cloudflare NS so they really can’t help me with it.

Is there I way to know what where the previous NS? Without getting those old emails?

Please advise and thanks in advance!

Try using securitytrails, search for your domain, select historical, then NS.

wow thanks for the reply @thedaveCA I will definitely look into that.
But I just can’t change the name servers if i’m not 100% sure it’s the right one, coz you see the website is still up and running and I don’t want to mess the existing website.

Do you have any additional suggestions?

I wouldn’t really recommend changing nameservers at all unless you’re really sure what you are doing.

You could use a tool like dig to query an identified server to determine if it will answer queries authoritatively.

Thanks again for the kind reply.

I really now what I need to do, i just don’t know the history on what happened to their domain/website before.
right now the domain DNS only shows the Cloudflare NS but in the cloudflare dashboard, there is no way we can check where we can view the old NS before it was changed to the cloudflare NS.

I just hope I can get in touch with the previous IT guy who worked with them before, but there is really no way to contact that guy since upon further checking the last domain DNS update was 2 years ago. Most of the updates are done directly on the front end since it uses WordPress builder.

Anyway, I’ll just check any other way and figure something out.

Thanks again @thedaveCA

The reason why I also need to know the NS because I want to connect to the correct hosting panel where those WordPress files are located. I tried contacting the Registrar support and check if they can view the history on the NS but all their response was that the domain is pointing to the Cloudflare Name Servers and I was then advised to contact cloudflare because the files should be in the cloud server, lol.

I even explain to them that Cloudflare doesn’t host the files, it just create a cache of the website and then it helps in the load speed of the site through the use of the Content Delivery Network system, but still they insist to check with cloudflare since that is where the domain name servers are pointing.


No luck from securitytrails?

Well, there is actually, but I can’t be 100% sure with it, but it really does provide the NS data on the changes made on the domain name… and somehow it really fits and match somehow with the time frame too, like when the last digital team mentioned about the last changes made on the site.

Anyway, I did some few test on my other domain (parked domains) and I’ll check if the securitytrails will record the changes I’ve made now on those domains.

I’ve got the historical records for the name server records now.

Will it affect the domain or website when I change it back to the original name servers (not cloudflare anymore)?

Is there a down time?

If there is a cache on Cloudflare, will it affect the site and make it go down?

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