Cloudflare often fails to resolve the website's DNS, making it inaccessible

cloudflare often fails to resolve the website’s DNS, making it inaccessible.

What website @apprankportal?


this is my website: https:// nemogaming. com/
Accessible but sometimes not. The error received is ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED. Sometimes I can access it in Vietnam, but when I redirect to the US or Germany IP, I can’t and there is an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message.
But sometimes it is accessible.

Now when I use Google’s tool to check (PageSpeed Insights tool), I receive a message that CANNOT BE RESOLVED.

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You need to fix your DNSSEC records at your registrar. | DNSViz

I have the record and it’s complete. If you visit in Vietnam. Can be accessed normally. But if I redirect to European countries it will not be accessible.

Can I completely reconfigure nemogaming. com?

Until you fix the invalid DNSSEC records at your registrar, no validating DNS resolver anywhere on the planet will get visitors to your site.


I don’t know what that means.

You only need to set the correct DNSSEC values at your registrar.

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Thank. I will review it carefully

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Hello. I reinstalled DNS but still can’t access it today. My registrar has disabled DNSSEC

Now do I have to enable or disable DNSSEC?

DNSViz showed a report from 8 days ago that had valid DNSSEC, but whatever was done in the time afterward has subsequently broken it.

The DNSSEC values provided by Cloudflare need to be set at your registrar. DNSSEC needs to be enabled at Cloudflare to obtain those values.

Does this mean I have to enable DNSSEC at Cloudflare and make it available for my registrar to install on the server?

Normally a registrar has a form where you can submit the required values yourself. They don’t go on your web server. They are loaded into the parent zone, which is com. in this case. | DNSViz

After a while, DNS still fails to resolve in some countries. At the registrar, we have configured and checked DNSSEC for complete accuracy and match.

If you visit the link that provided you can see that does not appear to be the case. Until the root zone returns no DNSSEC record or the correct one DNS is going to fail to resolve. You should follow-up with your registrar to resolve the issue. Until the DNSViz results are correct there really isn’t anything to discuss.


I find it flickers often. If I transfer this domain to cloadflare, will the same situation occur?

I am not sure what flicker means in this context. The DNSSEC has never been valid any of the times or I have checked in this thread. Until that is resolved your DNS will not work reliably anywhere.

You need to contact your registrar and have them remove the DNSSEC entries from your zone or walk you through the appropriate process.

If I transfer my domain name to cloudflare, will this situation still occur?