Cloudflare Odd Email Issue


We noticed an issue occurring whenever a customer of ours tries to send an email when we have Cloudflare running.

The customer cannot send any emails out if their email has a picture/signature in it. They simply get a timeout. This primarily affects them when they try to send through webmail. We did not have this issue before Cloudflare.

NOTE: They can still send regular text emails just not emails with signatures in them.

Has anyone else ever noticed this and/or has a fix for it?


New development,
We lowered the security level of Cloudflare and huzzah it works. We lowered it from High to Medium. Not exactly the fix we wanted though. We did find it was only due to signatures containing HTML content.

Primarily? This is the only time I’d expect it to happen, as mail traffic (SMTP/POP/IMAP) does not go through Cloudflare, but web traffic, such as the Webmail interface, does.

You can create a Page Rule for the Webmail URL to set the security level to Medium, so the rest of the domain stays on High security.