Cloudflare NS server IPs


when I change the NS to the Cloudflare ones on my hosting control panel it asks me to enter also the IP of nameserver, aleena… and carter…
Which one should I use? Just ping them?
I pinged and copied the IP, but then the control panel changes in and
Are these one correct?

I’m unclear where you are attempting to make this change and why. Can you explain ?

Are you attempting to update the assigned nameservers at your registrar? Most will only require the Cloudflare nameserver hostnames.

If you are creating NS records in your hosting provider’s DNS control panel, there is no reason to do that.

I am changing the hosting provider NS to the Cloudflare’s ones.
But the control panel of my hosting asks for an IP too…

Why are you in you hosting control panel? The change you are making needs to be done at your domain registrar.

Hosting and registrar is the same organization.

That is unusual to ask for IPs in that situation, especially since thery could change. Do you mind sharing the top level domain (.com, .it, etc) and the name of the registrar to help the community recognize their unusual requirements in the future?

If they require an IP along with the namserver hostnames, your only option will be to provide the IP that you get when you lookup that name. The IP you see in your ping should be sufficient. You can always use nslookup or dig from the command line or an online tool if you prefer.

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Below could help:

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