Cloudflare NS seem refusing my domain

Hi everyone, I’ve searched around the community but I can’t find a way out of my problem.

I need to set up a .it domain for using CF, but the NIC (authority for .it domains) refuse my NS. Basically the problem is the same discussed here: Error while trying to change the ns on the all .it domains

My domain was previously managed in another Cloudflare account, and I think this can be the main cause because I always used CF on other .it domains and I never had any issues.

I contacted the previous domain’s owner and he deleted the domain from his CF account.

The problem is still there.

I tried also to delete the domain from my Cloudflare account and re-create it, but it didn’t solved anything.

Can you suggest me some ways to get me out of this, please?

Many thanks in advance for everybody will help!

That’s the usual issue - Can't set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS / Nameserver not authoritative) - and particularly .it has been discussed to great extent on the forum.

When did the previous owner remove the domain from his Cloudflare account? You’ll probably simply have to wait until Cloudflare drops the domain, but I would expect that to be soon considering it has been removed already.

What is the domain?

Hi Sandro and thank you for the answer.
I should’ve used the wrong keywords on searching on the community

The old owner removed the domain about 36hrs ago and the domain I’m talking about is Do you know how much time is usually needed to purge the zone on CF? If it’s a matter of a few days, I can avoid contacting CF support for requesting to do it manually.

Which nameservers were you provided with?

Currently Cloudflare advertises james and diva as responsible nameservers, however the domain is not active any more. I presume these nameservers are from the previous account, right?

Yes, they’re the old NS, new ones should be jule and theo

It would seem the new nameservers do not know at all about the domain, while the old ones still do but consider the domain not active any more.

Probably the same issue as Nameserver doesn't resolve after account transfer and best to contact support I am afraid.

Ok I get it, now I understood better the situation.

I’ll open a ticket, Thank you again for the help!

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