Cloudflare NS Records for Domain are different

Under the Website > DNS > Records section.

There’s an entry for:

  • NS,,, 1 day
  • NS,,, 1 day

But on the section under “Cloudflare Nameservers” there are entries for:

  • NS
  • NS

I transferred this domain from one account to another, and the previous one was using karl and laila, but on this new one is alexandra and cory. The NS entries seem to have carried over into the new account, so they are in conflict. I’m not sure if I should update the existing karl and laila records to the alexandra or cory, or maybe even delete it?

You can and should delete them. Each Cloudflare zone is assigned a pair of nameservers and you need to use those ones. Since you moved to another account, your nameserver pair is different now.


Thanks. Just needed confirmation.

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