Cloudflare NS not valid for IT Registrar

I have a problem with my domain because my registrar don’t accept the Cloudflare Name Server as valid.
Can you help me to solve the problem

.it? :flushed:

Probably another issue with a double configuration.

What exactly does “not accept” mean? Which error message? Was your domain ever on a different Cloudflare account?

Helo sandro… thanks for your reply (are you italian? :slight_smile:
I ve the same problem with domain and yes… both domain was in another Cloudflare account that I deleted

Yeah, that is a common issue with many European domains. Their registry try to validate the nameservers and in Cloudflare’s case Cloudflare still announces the nameservers from the previous account and will announce your knew ones only once it is set with the registry. Considering the registry validates that tough you can never set them and end up with a chicken/egg situation.

Experience has shown registries are useless in this regard and wont help a bit, so if you cant drop the domain from the previous account yourself, your only option will be to contact Cloudflare’s support.


Ok Sandro… thank you very much for your reply. Have a great we :slight_smile:

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