Cloudflare NS not updating

So after a while of our current host, we decided to switch hosts and when we updated the nameservers (over 1 week ago) we keep coming back to the website still pointed to our old host, Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?


What have I tried?

  • purging Cloudflare cache
  • enabling the development mod
  • emptying my cache for my browser and enabling incognito
  • having other people view it
  • changing browsers

If you’ve moved your site to a different host, that host should have a page with a set of DNS records you will need to type in manually at Cloudflare, replacing the old records.

I have done so but after over a week it still has not updated

Those updates should happen instantly. Does that DNS page show that your two Cloudflare name servers are Dave and Megan?

If you change those DNS entries to :grey: and then wait five minutes, does it still show your old host?

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