Cloudflare NS not propagating on new domain

I registered a new domain and immediately set its nameservers to the correct NS for my account.

48 hours later, the NS had not propagated to North America by checking @ This prevented me from adding the domain to my CF account, receiving an error “domain not registered”.

At my domain registrar, I switched to default registrar name servers, which fully propagated around the world within about 2 hours.

I could then add my domain to CF, and then switch my domain’s NS to CF.

Why didn’t the CF NS propagate initially?

My domain registrar said to follow this up with CF support, as their default NS were propagating fine.

That’s a mistake. You can’t do that. There are no nameservers for an account only for domains.

You need to have valid nameservers for your domain, then you can add the domain to Cloudflare, and only then you get the applicable nameservers, which you can then set.

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