Cloudflare now adds 200 subdomains for Porkbun, no way to mass remove

My porkbun account only shows 6 subdomains, but Cloudflare now adds over 200 subdomains with no way to opt out of migrating all of them you’d have to manually click into each of them 200 times x several clicks each. I’d literally just rather not use the product any longer if this is how they are “solving” problems on Cloudflare.

I’ve done this same process with Porkbun/Cloudflare on over 100 domains, and starting today its literally an unusable product now (Cloudflare).

Incredibly disappointed customer here that manages several Cloudflare accounts.

I’d rather stab my eyeballs out than manually click several times to remove each. WT actual F Cloudflare.

This means that you had a wildcard record on your current provider - Cloudflare checks a record, gets an answer from your provider and adds it to the import list.

You can script the bulk removal of records using the API.


I don’t know what help you expect to get on a community forum by talking like that.


I’m sorry I’ll contain my anger for you so that you don’t get upset from my frustration. So terribly sorry.

There’s plenty of scripts around that’ll automate it for you - but there’s no guarantee that you won’t have to modify it to fit your needs.

The two API endpoints in question are Cloudflare API v4 Documentation to return an array of your records and then looping through the returned ID’s to fire them off to Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

Assuming you’re on Windows, I made one in PowerShell - Cloudflare - Remove all DNS records in a given zone · GitHub

You’ll need to give it an API token which you can create at and then the API Tokens on the sidebar - which will need to be scoped to editing DNS records for your zone.

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You guys stopped improving things, and now you’re just grabbing cash. It’s such a let down what you guys have become. You used to be cool, now you’re the least cool.

If constantly adding new features, improving performance and releasing new products does not constitute “improvement” then what does?

You’re very welcome to provide feedback, but criticizing without giving any suggestions for improvement is simply a rant - and that should go elsewhere.


Cloudflare’s DNS scanning methodology hasn’t changed in years… it scans for ~2000 common DNS records. If entries were created it is because your existing DNS provider responded with an answer when queried.

If one doesn’t want an automatic scan there are advanced ways to add a zone and import only the records you want to be exist. The ‘easy’ method of scanning, like Cloudflare itself isn’t for everyone.


It was a rant. I’ve used Cloudflare from the beginning, practically day 1. My opinion is that the company is decline from the leadership level as you are just stepping on people’s workflows and introducing breaking changes like crazy. Access was a buggy disaster that is mostly rectified but I’m seeing all kinds of foolish decisions left right and center and it tells me time to move on. Your entire culture and company is broken.

Wildcard records being detected on import isn’t a new change at all.

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I did it last week on another domain and it worked fine. You guys changed something. Look inward instead of blaming outward.