Cloudflare notice showing up on Facebook feed from site

In the last two days, my feed from my Wordpress website to Facebook shows a Cloudflare notice in the headline and doesn’t show highlighted the image I’ve selected. However, the link itself is OK.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:[0]=68.ARAxqZLk0J_ZN57d2mvMBra449NPxtw79lT-YOzOE9elA-0uOnoNNFaw0xWwk6vquyXEn56YLdHpjPEjYcP8gT6VUfxEIEjsdw7ce5–jOdvm8IfkwoFScMmb44D3GBjdVWOR9fpBz-R1YEbBOM_3Bjq42OZC12fwChI7MKYPlXA0anUiu563xwVVKF2cJ–bFVDnl5RxRptozz3vXYWwQ8wBlglZgCEizJyheo5KAgtUhkMsqbJO-9r_QNBH4kt7-oykblCMEJvWk7phj3U64swKn7J6bCgCoRS7NOG5KZcVnIyWf5cmHTOejQjSKU6zGSyMVncytdHX_Mgrho5&tn=-R

Does anyone know what’s happening and whether there’s a certain Cloudflare setting that should be turned off? I did go to Cloudflare a couple of days ago and changed one setting but don’t remember what it was.

What is your firewall security level at?

Nothing special. I’ve banned a few dozen IPs from overseas, but that’s about it. I also have a plug-in that’s banned a bunch of bad bots.

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